Passive Voice Exercises. Present Simple Passive |

Passive Voice Exercises. Present Simple Passive | Залог недвижимости

Passive voice: упражнения для начинающих

Ниже вы сможете найти самые разнообразные упражнения по пассивному залогу (Passive Voice), рассчитанных на начальный уровень. Делать их необязательно в заданном порядке – мы можете начинать с любого.

Также к каждому упражнению по Passive Voice будут даны ответы, с помощью которых вы сможете проверить себя. Но не нужно подсматривать в них перед началом выполнения упражнений.

Сводная таблица образования Passive Voice:

Easy exercises on present simple passive.

Упражнение 1. Fill in the verb is or are.

  1. Grammar rules … always learnt by heart.
  2. Rare animals … protected in many countries.
  3. This scarf … made by my granny.
  4. Animals in the reserve … fed two times a day.
  5. The same shirts … worn by all the members of our team.
  6. New Belarussian books … shown in our library
  7. Many Belarussian towns … described in this book.
  8. Dinner … always cooked by my mother.
  9. This place … crowded on Sunday.
  10. Our village … surrounded with a forest.

Упражнение 2. Write true sentences in Passive Voice. Use the words in table.

1) BMW cars

2) CDs

3) Tea

4) Modems

5) Cricket

6) TV pictures



grown in India.

sent via satellite.

played in England.

sold in music shops.

made in Germany.

used to access the Internet.

The house

The children


The letter

The newspapers


The picture

The classroom






invited to the concert

brought in the morning

cooked by my mother

painted by my friend

cleaned every day

given text-books at school

built of stone

written in English

not allowed to ride a motor-bike.

grown in many countries.

Упражнение 3 . Choose the correct form of the verb in brackets to complete the sentences.

  1. I … (like / am liked) this place.
  2. What books by Charles Dickens … (translated / are translated) into Belarussian?
  3. Who … (protects / is protected) animals?
  4. This city … (is visited / visited) by many people.
  5. Who … (gives / is given) bad marks in your class?
  6. Our house … (made /is made) of wood.
  7. Our holiday … (is begun / begins) next week.
  8. Pupils … (are given / give) textbooks by the teacher.
  9. The holiday … (celebrated / is celebrated) every year.

Exercises on present simple passive. level – intermediate.

Упражнение 9. Answer the questions using the words in brackets. 

  1. Do many tourists come to Britain? (is visited )
  2. Where is the ‘garden of England? (is situated)
  3. Does it snow in the mountains of Wales? (are covered with)
  4. What language do people in Scotland speak? (is spoken)
  5. Are there many seas around the country? (is surrounded by / is washed by)
  6. Do they make world-famous crafts and clothes in Scotland? (are made)
  7. Do many people know about the beautiful mountains and lakes of Wales? (are known all over the world)
  8. Why is the green colour a symbol of Northern Ireland? (is covered)

Упражнение 10. Make up questions in Simple Present Passive.





By whom


the windows

this box



your homework

rare animals

these houses



to check up?

to make of?

to protect?

to grow?

to wash?

to keep?

to sell?

to build?

to serve?

Упражнение 11. Change the verbs from Active into Passive.


 The teacher helps the pupils.

— The pupils are helped by the teacher.

 They grow rice in India.

— Rice is grown in India.

  1. I take books at the library.
  2. Boys play football.
  3. We clean our classroom after the lessons.
  4. The postman brings newspapers every day.
  5. They show American films every Sunday on TV.
  6. We keep the dog in the yard. .
  7. We give milk to our cat every day.
  8. We usually pick apples in September.
  9. He shows me his stamps each time when I come to his place.
  10. They use disks for storing information.
  11. They discover new planets every day.
  12. People give presents at Christmas.
  13. They speak Spanish in Peru.
  14. They tidy the classroom every day.

Упражнение 12. Change the sentences from Active into Passive. Then make questions about these sentences.


I keep my pet in the house.

— My pet is kept in the house.

— Where is your pet kept?

  1. We always write new words into our exercise books.
  2. Exercises follow every text.
  3. The pupils use the school library.
  4. Not all pupils wear the school uniform.
  5. The teacher gives us all the text-books.
  6. My mother washes my clothes.

Упражнение 13 .Write questions to the sentences

  1. The park is situated in the centre of the city, (what, where)
  2. The statue is made by a famous sculptor, (disjunctive)
  3. Demonstrations are held in this square, (what, where)
  4. The square is planned round the monument. (general)
  5. The obelisk is decorated with figures, (how)
  6. The tent is put up on a rock, (alternative)

Упражнение 14. Change the sentences from Active into Passive.

  1. Do they sell shoes in this shop?
  2. Do they bring tea from India?
  3. Do they teach English at your school?
  4. Do they make bicycles at this factory?
  5. Do they pay him a lot of money?
  6. Where do they sell bananas?

Упражнение 15. Translate into English.

  1. Слова написаны на доске.
  2. Эта книга продается во всех магазинах
  3. Ему часто отправляют письма?
  4. Когда приносят газеты?
  5. Этот парк всегда показывают туристам.
  6. Завтрак не дают в нашей школе.
  7. Эти тексты не учат наизусть.

Level : pre-intermediate.

Упражнение 4. Fill in the gaps using the Present Simple Passive Voice form of the verb in brackets.

Mushroom and Ham Salad

First, 5 mushrooms … (1 – cut) into small pieces and …(2 — mix) with two cut spring onions. Then, 100 g cooked ham …(3— cut) into fine cubes. Now, mushrooms, onions and ham … (4 — mix) in a bowl. Finally, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice … (5 — mix) with 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and the mixture… (6 — add) to the salad mixture. Enjoy your salad!

The news reporter and a camera operator _______ (1 – send) to investigate a news story. People_____ (2 – interview) by a reporter and the interviews ______ (3 – film) by a camera operator. The film ____ (4 – take) back to the TV studio, and the best parts of the film _______ (5 – choose) by the news editor.

My motherland is the Republic of Belarus. My country (1 – situate) in the centre of Europe. It (2 – make up) of six regions: Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev. Belarus (3 – not wash) by any seas or oceans, so it (4 – not separate) from other countries by seas and oceans. Belarus (5 – border) by five countries.

Belarus is mostly flat (плоская). Some uplands can (6 – find) near Minsk and in some districts of Mogilev and Grodno regions. Most of Belarus (7 – cover) by forests. It is a beautiful country with a lot of lakes.

Упражнение 5. Put the passive sentences in order.

  1. in a lot of schools / are / used / Computers
  2. of plastic / made / are / CDs
  3. seen / The information / on a screen/can be
  4. are / very quickly / The answers / calculated
  5. played / The game / is / on a computer
  6. with a modem / are / sent / E-mails
  7. is / on a disk / Information / stored
  8. sent / Text messages / are / using mobile phones
  9. to get information / used / is / The Internet

Упражнение 6. Respond to the situations with a negative sentence using the words and word combinations in brackets.


Cars are made at this factory, (bicycles)

— But bicycles are not made at this factory.

  1. Bread is sold in this shop, (milk)
  2. Our house is built of wood, (their house)
  3. My books are kept on the shelf. exercise-books )
  4. My younger sister is usually given fruit and milk for supper, (my elder brother)
  5. Apples are grown in Belarus, (oranges)
  6. Glass is made of sand, (paper)
  7. My dresses are made by my mother, (jackets)
  8. Films are watched by many people, (sports programmes)
  9. This apple-tree is planted by me. (that cherry-tree)
  10. All the words are always learnt by the pupils. (rules)

Упражнение 7. Answer the questions in Simple Present Passive.


 Is football played in the yard?

— Yes, it is. It’s sometimes played in the yard.

— No, it isn’t. It’s usually played in the field.

Is it played by boys or by girls?

— It’s played by boys as a rule.

  1. Are you always given good marks?
  2. Is your friend also given good marks?
  3. Is your homework always done in time?
  4. Are you often given money by your parents?
  5. Is chess played by two or three people?
  6. Are you often punished at home?
  7. Are trees planted in summer or in autumn?
  8. Are you shown pictures at your English lessons?
  9. Are your exercise-books collected at the beginning or at the end of the lesson?

Упражнение 8. Ask for more information about the sentences using the words in brackets.


 The children are left after the lessons.(why,how often)

— Why are the children left after the lessons?

—How often are the children left after the lessons?

  1. The game is won by our school team, (what game)
  2. The map is brought from England, (when)
  3. My books are not kept on the shelf, (why)
  4. School meetings are held every month, (where)
  5. The glass is filled with something, (what)
  6. Hockey is usually played by boys, (when)
  7. Oranges are not grown in Belarus, (why)
  8. The dinner is not yet served, (why)
  9. New rules are explained at the lesson, (by whom)

Passive voice easy exercises.

Упражнение 1.

1 are, 2 are, 3 is, 4 are, 5 are, 6 are, 7 are, 8 is, 9 is, 10 is

Упражнение 2.

  1. BMW cars are made in Germany.
  2. CDs are sold in music shops.
  3. Tea is grown in India.
  4. Modems are used to access the Internet.
  5. Cricket is played in England.
  6. TV pictures are sent via satellite.

The house is built of stone

The children are not allowed to ride a motor-bike.

We are given text-books at school

The letter is written in English

The newspapers are brought in the morning

Dinner is cooked by my mother

The picture is painted by my friend.

The classroom is cleaned every day.

I am invited to the concert

Potatoes are grown in many countries.

Упражнение 3.

1 like, 2 are translated, 3 protects, 4 is visited, 5 is given, 6 is made, 7 begins, 8 are given, 9 is celebrated

Passive voice intermediate exercises.

Упражнение 9. Your own answers.

Упражнение 10. Your own answers.

Упражнение 11. Possible answers.

  1. Books are taken at the library by me.
  2. Football is played by boys.
  3. Our classroom is cleaned by us after the lessons.
  4. Newspapers are brought by the postman every day.
  5. American films are shown every Sunday on TV.
  6. The dog is kept keep in the yard. .
  7. Our cat is given milk every day.
  8. Apples are usually picked in September.
  9. His stamps are shown to me by him each time when I come to his place.
  10. Disks are used for storing information.
  11. New planets are discovered every day.
  12. Presents are given at Christmas.
  13. Spanish is spoken in Peru.
  14. The classroom is tidied every day.
Еще про залог:  Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present, Past или Future Simple Passive.1. Bread (to eat) every day. 2. The letter (to receive) yesterday. 3. Nick (to send) to Moscow next week. 4. I (to ask) at the lesson yesterday. 5.I (to give) a very interesting book at the library last Friday. 6. Many houses (to build) in our town every year. 7. This work (to do) tomorrow. 8. This text (to translate) at the last lesson. 9. These trees (to plant) last autumn. 10. Many interesting games always (to play) at our PT lessons. 11. This bone (to give) to my dog tomorrow. 12. We (to invite) to a concert last Saturday. 13. My question (to answer) yesterday. 14. Hockey (to play) in winter. 15. Mushrooms (to gather) in autumn. 16. Many houses (to burn) during the Great Fire of London. 17. His new book (to finish) next year.18. Flowers (to sell) in shops and in the streets. 19. St. Petersburg (to found) in 1703. — Знания.site

Упражнение 12. Possible answers.

  1. New words are always written by us into our exercise books.

Where are the new words written by us?

  1. Every text is followed by exercises.

What for is every text followed by exercises?

  1. The school library is used by pupils.

By whom is the school library used?

  1. The school uniform is not worn by all pupils.

Why isn’t the school uniform worn by all pupils?

  1. The text-books are given to us by the teacher.

What is given to us by the teacher?

  1. My clothes are washed by my mother.

By whom are my clothes washed?

Упражнение 13. Possible answers.

  1. What is situated in the centre of the city?

Where is the park situated?

  1. The statue is made by a famous sculptor, isn’t it?
  2. What is held in this square?

Where are the demonstrations held?

  1. Is the square planned round the monument?
  2. How is the obelisk i decorated?
  3. Is the tent put up on a rock or in the forest?

Упражнение 14.

  1. Are shoes sold in this shop?
  2. Is tea brought from India?
  3. Is English taught at your school?
  4. Are bicycles made at this factory?
  5. Is he paid a lot of money?
  6. Where are bananas sold?

Упражнение 15.

  1. The words are written on the blackboard.
  2. This book is sold in many shops.
  3. Is he often sent letters?
  4. When are the newspapers brought?
  5. This park is often shown to the tourists
  6. Breakfast is not served in our school.
  7. These texts are not learnt by heart.

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Passive voice pre-intermediate exercises.

Упражнение 4.

А) 1 are cut, 2 are mixed, 3 is cut,4 are mixed, 5 are mixed, 6 is added

  1. B) 1 are sent, 2 are interviewed, 3 are filmed, 4 is taken, 5 are chosen, 6 is sent, 7 is watched
  2. c) 1 is situated, 2 is made up, 3 isn’t washed, 4 isn’t separated, 5 is bordered, 6 be found, 7 is covered.

Упражнение 5.

  1. Computers are used in a lot of schools.
  2. CDs are made of plastic.
  3. The information can be seen on the screen.
  4. The answers are calculated very quickly.
  5. The game is played on a computer
  6. E-mails are sent with a modem.
  7. Information is stored on a disk.
  8. Text messages are sent using mobile phones
  9. The Internet is used to get information.

Упражнение 6.

  1. But milk is not sold in this shop.
  2. But their house is not built of wood.
  3. But my exercise-books are not kept on the shelf.
  4. But my elder brother is not usually given fruit and milk for supper.
  5. But oranges are not grown in Belarus.
  6. But paper is not made of sand.
  7. But my jackets are not made by my mother.
  8. But sports programmes are not watched by many people.
  9. But that cherry-tree is not planted by me.
  10. But all the rules are not always learnt by the pupils.

Упражнение 7. Your own answers.

Упражнение 8.

  1. What game is won by our school team?
  2. When is the map brought from England?
  3. Why are my books not kept on the shelf?
  4. Where are school meetings held every month?
  5. What is filled with something?
  6. When is hockey usually played by boys?
  7. Why are oranges not grown in Belarus?
  8. Why is the dinner not served yet?
  9. By whom are new rules explained at the lesson?

Пассивный залог в английском языке. passive voice in english. мобильное приложение по английскому языку
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Пассивный залог – это ситуация, когда подлежащее в предложении, «кто» или «что», делает действие не само, а испытывает действие на себе. Кто выполняет действие нам не всегда важно, более важен результат.

Окно было закрыто (окно не закрывало само себя).

Дом был построен отцом и дядей (дом не сам себя строил).

Мои вещи украли (вещи не крали сами себя).

Строится пассивный залог по следующей формуле:

be глагол -ed (или из третьей колонки в
таблице неправильных глаголов)

Таким образом, в настоящем времени простой пассивный залог (Present Simple Passive) будет выглядеть так:

am / is / are глагол* (см. описание выше)

The house is built. – Дом построен.
Space is explored. – Космос исследован.
The parents are met at the station. – Родители встречены на станции.
We are asked to come as early as possible. – Нас попросили прийти как можно раньше.
I am invited to the party. – Я приглашён на вечеринку. / Меня пригласили на вечеринку.
I am deceived! – Меня обманули! / Я обманут!

В прошедшем времени (Past Simple Passive) это будет:

was / were глагол* (см. описание выше)

The house was built. – Дом был построен.
Space was explored. – Космос был исследован.
The parents were met at the station. – Родителей встретили на станции.
We were asked to come as early as possible. – Нас попросили прийти как можно раньше.
I was invited to the party. – Я был приглашён на вечеринку.
I was deceived! – Я был обманут!

В будущем времени (Future Simple Passive):

will be глагол* (см. описание выше)

The house will be built. – Дом будет построен.
Space will be explored. – Космос будет исследован.
The parents will be met at the station. – Родителей встретят на станции.
We will be asked to come as early as possible. – Нас попросят прийти как можно раньше.
I will be invited to the party. – Я буду приглашён на вечеринку.
I will be deceived! – Я буду обманут!

Фраза is going to глагол, с помощью которой также часто говорят о будущем, превращается в is going to be глагол*:

The work is going to be done by Tuesday. – Работа будет сделана ко вторнику.
The cake is going to be baked in the morning. – Пирог будет испечён утром.
My hair is going to be cut. – Мои волосы будут пострижены.

Когда нужно сказать, «кем» или «чем» совершено действие, используем предлоги by(кем) и with(чем).

The fish is caught by the seagull. – Рыба поймана чайкой.
We were warned by a policeman. – Мы были предупреждены полицейским.
The door will be locked with another key. – Дверь будет закрыта другим ключом.
The paper is cut with the knife. – Бумага разрезана ножом.

Чтобы задать вопрос, выносим am / is / are / was / were / will на первое место.

Were you told to come in the morning? – Тебе было сказано прийти утром?
Are the mistakes corrected? – Ошибки исправлены?
Was he injured? – Был он ранен?
Is the bench painted? – Скамейка окрашена?
Will I be invited to the party? – Буду ли я приглашен на вечеринку?
Is my hair going to be cut? – Мои волосы будут пострижены?

Эти три формы пассивного залога встречаются в речи чаще всего. Остальные можно услышать гораздо реже. Для удобства они сведены в таблицу.

Понятие о страдательном или пассивном залоге (passive voice) в английском языке

Вы уже знаете, как использовать пассивный залог, чтобы изменить акцент в предложении?

Посмотрите на эти примеры, чтобы понять, как используется пассивный залог.

Пример 1
Правило 1

Рассмотрим примеры для каждого пункта.

Пример 2

В формальном письме, содержащем факты или научные данные (например, в описании процедур или процессов), агент, выполняющий действие, часто не указывается, и используются пассивные конструкции.

Пример 3

Сравните следующие примеры:

Пример 4

Таблица с формулами для пассивного (страдательного) залога для всех времен

При изучении пассивного залога необходимо знать, как образуются пассивные конструкции в различных временах в английском языке.

Правило 2
Пример 7

Обратите внимание на то, что в схеме только форма вспомогательного глагола be может измениться, чтобы образовать необходимое время. Смысловой глагол в любом времени будет неизменно стоять в третьей форме или в форме причастия прошедшего времени. Ниже приведены примеры пассивного залога в его наиболее распространенных временах.

Пример 8

Как видно из примеров, пассивные конструкции в разных временах могут быть довольно сложными и запутанными для восприятия. Чтобы разобраться с образованием пассивного залога для разных времен, необходимо знать основные правила образования этих времен, а также помнить основную схему образования пассивного залога: Be V3.

Легче всего воспринимать пассивные структуры в виде таблицы, которую вы можете изучить, использовать в качестве подсказки при выполнении упражнений и заданий по теме пассивный залог, а также дополнить своими примерами и предложениями.

Время (Tense)Структура (Structure)Пример (Example)
Present Simple Passiveam/is /are V3 (Past Participle)This salad dressing is made from oil, garlic and salt. Эту заправку для салата делают из масла, чеснока и соли.
Past Simple Passivewas/were V3 (Past Participle)The letter was sent a week ago. Письмо было отправлено неделю назад.
Future Simple Passivewill be V3 (Past Participle)The work will be finished next week. Работа будет закончена на следующей неделе.
Present Continuous Passiveam/is /are being V3 (Past Participle)The hall is being painted this week. На этой неделе в зале идет покраска.
Past Continuous Passivewas/were being V3 (Past Participle)The signs were being put up last week. Знаки были вывешены на прошлой неделе.
Future Continuous Passive
Present Perfect Passivehave/has been V3 (Past Participle)Olives have been grown here for centuries. Оливки здесь выращивали веками.
Past Perfect Passivehad been V3 (Past Participle)When she got home, she found that her house had been burgled. Вернувшись домой, она обнаружила, что ее дом ограбили.
Future Perfect Passivewill have been V3 (Past Participle)We will have been informed about the exam results only by the end of the month. Мы будем проинформированы о результатах экзамена только к концу месяца.
Perfect Continuous

Упражнение 1

Задача этого (простого!) упражнения на Passive Voice — немного вспомнить правила. Совместите фразу в активном залоге со фразой в пассивном залоге.

  • I do it
  • I did it
  • I am doing it
  • I was doing it
  • I have done it
  • I have been doing it
  • I had done it
  • I will do it
  • I will be doing it
  • I will have done it
  • I am going to do it
  • I need to do it
  • I can do it
  • It has been done
  • It can be done
  • It is done
  • It has been being done
  • It needs to be done
  • It will be being done
  • It is being done
  • It is going to be done
  • It was being done
  • It was done
  • It will have been done
  • It will be done
  • It had been done


Упражнение 10

В данном тренировочном упражнении вам нужно построить отрицательную форму данных предложений в пассивном залоге и перевести их на русский язык, сохраняя смысловую цельность:

  1. Tomas was asked some questions by his math teacher at the last lesson.
  2. A successful debut of a young actress will be talk about much.
  3. The Carl`s parcel was posted last week at seven o`clock by the postman.
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Ответы на грамматическое упражнение с переводом:

1) Tomas was not asked any questions by his math teacher at the last lesson. / Томасу не было задано вопросов от учителя математики на последнем уроке.

2) A successful debut of a young actress will not be talk much about. / Успешный дебют этой молодой актрисы не будет обсуждаться так часто и много.

3) The Carl`s parcel was not posted last week at seven o`clock by the postman. / Посылка Карла не была отправлена на прошлой неделе в семь часов почтальоном.

Упражнение 2

Это упражнение затрагивает простое прошедшее время. В данных предложениях вам нужно раскрыть скобки и поставить инфинитив в форму Past Simple Passive. Помните об отличиях активного и пассивного залога в прошедших временах.

  1. My little sister ____ (not to tell) the exact time of the appointment by that secretary. I think that this is so unfair towards my sibling.
  2. A special and actually strange rule ____ (to make) for students to be taken to this famous university. Entering the university becomes stricter and stricter every day.
  3. Last weekends the Petersons _____ (to invite) to the amazing party with a lot of interesting people there. That party was really important for them because they finally relaxed.

Ответы на упражнение.

1) was not told;

2) was made;

3) were invited.

Упражнение 3

А в этом упражнении на Passive Voice нужно выбрать подходящую форму пассивного залога в зависимости от контекста.

1. The last time I was in the city center, the whole area renovated;is being renovated;was renovated;was being renovated42.

According to the plan, the old buildings ________ next going to be knocked down;are going to be knocked down;will be knocked down;are knocked down23.

The painting you’re looking at now is quite remarkable. It ________ 5 times!is stolen;was stolen;has been stolen;has been being stolen34.

— Did you go to the party? – No, ________.I’m not invited;I wasn’t invited;I wasn’t being invited;I haven’t been invited25.

How ________ this word ________?are;is;have;has2pronounced;being pronounced;been pronounced;been being pronounced16.

It’s a huge international corporation. Thousands of people ________ there.were employed;are employed;are being employed;have been employed27.

He ________ three months ago and has been unemployed ever since.had been fired;has been fired;was fired;is fired38. When ________ this picture ________?is;was;has;have2being taken;been taken;been being taken;taken49.

I had to spend the night in the airport because my flight delayed;was delayed;has been delayed;had been delayed410.

The situation is serious. Something ________ before it’s too late.must be done;can’t be done;will be done;has been done111.

Please, go away. I ________ alone.I’m left;I shouldn’t be left;I want to be left;I hate being left312. ________ you ever ________ by a dog?was;were;has;have4been bitten;being bitten;been being bitten;bitten113.

There’s somebody behind us. I think we ________.are followed;are being followed;were being followed;have been followed214.

How many times ________ you ________ not to do this?are;were;have;will3be told;been told;being told;been being told215.

I don’t like ________ what to told;been told;been being told;being told416. It’s a mystery. It ________. can be explained;has been explained;is explained;can’t be explained417.

Упражнение 4

Дальше пойдут продвинутые упражнения на Passive Voice. Это проходят на высоких уровнях, но на самом деле, ничего сложного тут нет.

В этом упражнении перефразируйте предложения, например:

  • People believe that coffee increases blood pressure (COFFEE)
  • Coffee is believed to increase blood pressure.

Все нужные слова уже есть в предложении, придумывать ничего не надо))

1. People
say he is 109 years old (HE)

He is said to be 109 years old.

2. The
police think that the robber is wearing a baseball cap (THE ROBBER)

The robber is thought to be wearing a baseball cap.


expects the strike to end soon (THE STRIKE)

The strike is expected to end soon.

4. The
newspaper reports that two people were injured in the accident last night (TWO

Two people are reported to have been injured in the accident last night.


believe that there is a secret tunnel between Moscow and Saint Petersburg

There is believed to be a secret tunnel between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

6. Scientists
predict that climate change will affect all parts of the world (CLIMATE CHANGE)

Climate change is predicted to affect all parts of the world.

7. They say
the company is losing a lot of money (THE COMPANY)

The company is said to be losing a lot of money.


believe he is very rich (HE)

He is believed to be very rich.

9. Historians
believe the Chinese invented paper (THE CHINESE)

The Chinese are believed to have invented paper.

Упражнение 5

Ура, картинки!)) Цель этого упражнения на Passive Voice — вспомнить разницу между:

  • I’m taking a picture
  • I’m having my picture taken

Все нужные слова и выражения — на картинках, осталось только вписать нужную конструкцию.

He isHe isHe isHe isHe isHe isShe isShe isYou need toYou need toShe isThey are

having his car repairedrepairing his carcleaning his suithaving his suit cleanedhaving the tree cut downcutting down the treecutting her hairhaving her hair cuthave your blood pressure checkedcheck your blood pressurehaving the house paintedpainting the house



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Упражнение 6

В этом упражнении даны предложения с пропусками, на место которых вам нужно выбрать верный вариант написания глагола в Passive Voice. И также вам нужно будет перевести полученное предложение на русский язык.

  1. Человек и книгиThis copy ____ (not to read) at the examination last week. The girl who did it was deleted from the exam. I think she feels so bad about all this situation.
  2. A lot of new modern buildings _____ (to build) in our street right now. I do not know why it is happenings because I think that is not necessary for our small town.
  3. The lections of this professor ____ (to listen to) often with huge interest because he knows how to draw attention of his students.

Здесь вы найдёте ответы к упражнению:

1) Was not read / Это копия не была прочитана на экзамене на прошлой неделе. Я думаю, что девочка, которая сделала её, была удалена с экзамена. Я думаю, что сейчас она чувствует себя плохо из-за этой ситуации.

2) Are being built (Present Continuous Passive) / Большое количество новых и современных зданий сейчас строится на нашей улице. Я не знаю, почему это происходит, потому что я считаю, что это абсолютно не нужно нашему маленькому городу.

3) Are often listened to / Лекции этого профессора всегда слушают с большим интересом, потому что он знает, как привлечь внимание своих студентов.

Упражнение 7

В данном упражнение даны предложения на русском языке, которые уже выражены страдательным залогом (Passive Voice). Вам же нужно перевести их на английский, правильно написав время и его формулу.

  1. Маленьких детей очень часто водят в различные кинотеатры и театры. Родители хотят, чтобы их дети развивались и узнавали много нового. Я думаю, что это правильная точка зрения.
  2. Элис будут задавать большое количество сложных и лёгких вопросов, поэтому ей надо подготовиться перед этим событием. Я думаю, что ей стоить повторить некоторые темы из школьных учебников.
  3. Какие книги будут прочитаны к следующему месяца, а какие фильмы будут посмотрены к следующей неделе? Майкл, пожалуйста, ответь на этот абсолютно лёгкий вопрос.

Ответы на упражнение.

1) Little children are often taken to the different cinemas and theatres. Parents want their children to develop and to learn a lot of new information. I absolutely agree with this point of view.

2) Alice will be asked a lot of difficult and easy questions, that`s why she should be prepared before this event starts. I think she should reread some paragraphs and themes from the school book.

3) Which books will have been read by next month and which films will have been watched by next week? Michel, please, answer this absolutely easy question.

Упражнение 8

В этом упражнение на Passive Voice вам даны предложения, построенные в активном залоге. Вам нужно переделать эти предложения в Passive Voice. Но заметьте, что не все предложения можно переделать. Будьте внимательны с этим упражнением.

  1. Do you know that the little goldfish live in fresh sea water? Is not it a very interesting fact about these little animals? Do you want to know more about sea animal? I can tell you what you interested in.
  2. Once my favorite grandfather has written an interesting book about a boy named Phillip and his adventures in London.
  3. Teresa always tells us very funny and interesting stories about her ex-boyfriends and close friends.
  4. My friend Ben has offered my little brother and sister a very good job with high salary and career development. I think they will be work at this pretty good job.
  5. These stupid parents have never taught their rude child-boy good manners and politeness because they even do not know how to organize their own life.

Здесь даны ответы на упражнение:

2) An interesting book about a boy named Phillip and his adventures in London has been written by my favorite grandfather.

3) Very funny and interesting stories about Teresa`s ex-boyfriends and close friends are always told by Teresa.

4) A very good job with high salary and career development has been offered my little brother and sister by my friend Ben. I think they will be work at this pretty good job.

5) A rude child-boy has never been taught good manners and politeness by his stupid parents who did not even know how to organize their own life.

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Упражнение 9

Мы почти добрались до конца. В предпоследнем задании вам нужно перевести предложений на английский, ставя глаголы во время Present Simple Active или Present Simple Passive.

  1. Этого больного не будут оперировать без его собственного согласия. Но его родители не хотят, чтобы он давал его, потому что боятся, что случится что-то страшное.
  2. Мэри прочитали несколько странных писем, которые были написаны её лучшей подругой для неё. Мэри была очень удивлена их содержанию.
  3. Пожалуйста, Томми не говори таких глупых вещей. Над тобой будут смеяться все дети в твоей новой школе. Будь тише и старайся ни с кем не общаться.

Ответы на упражнение с Passive Voice:

1) These patient will not be operated on without his own consent. But his parents do not want him to give his consent because they are afraid that something bad can happen with their child.

2) Mary was read some strange letters which have been written by her best friend. Mary was very surprised with their content.

3) Please, Tommy, do not say such stupid things. You will be laughed at by all students at your new school. Be quite and try to speak with no one.

Упражнения для закрепления

Упражнение 1
Упражнение 2
Упражнение 3
Упражнение 4
Упражнение 5
Упражнение 6

Keys (ответы)

Упражнение 1

  1. Sent
  2. Put
  3. Done
  4. Cleaned
  5. Mentioned
  6. Thought
  7. Persuaded
  8. Reminded
  9. Encouraged
  10. Informed
  11. Announced
  12. Agreed
  13. Said
  14. Demonstrated
  15. Decided
  16. Recommended
  17. Expected
  18. Reported
  19. Suggested
  20. Known

Упражнение 2.

  1. Yesterday it was decided that the meeting should be cancelled. (Past Simple Passive) Вчера было принято решение об отмене собрания.
  2. The company is currently run by the Johnston family. (Present Simple Passive) В настоящее время компанией управляет семья Джонстон.
  3. Last year he was accused of corruption. (Past Simple Passive) В прошлом году он был обвинен в коррупции.
  4. What is gold used for? (Present Simple Passive) Для чего используется золото?
  5. When were the first antibiotics discovered? (Past Simple Passive) Когда были открыты первые антибиотики?
  6. When was the radio invented? (Past Simple Passive) Когда было изобретено радио?
  7. How is steel made? (Present Simple Passive) Как производится сталь?
  8. How are the volcanoes formed? (Present Simple Passive) Как образуются вулканы?
  9. I will be woken up at 5 o’clock the next morning. (Future Simple Passive) На следущее утро меня разбудят в 5 утра.
  10. The information about the crime was given to the police last week. (Past Simple Passive) Информация о преступлении поступила в полицию на прошлой неделе.
  11. Tomorrow he will be given plenty of time to rest. (Future Simple Passive) Завтра ему дадут достаточно времени для отдыха.
  12. He was born in 2009. (Past Simple Passive) Он родился в 2009 году.
  13. How many people are born every day in the whole world? (Present Simple Passive) Сколько людей рождается каждый день во всем мире?
  14. She is very disappointed. She was not offered the job yesterday. (Past Simple Passive) Она очень разочарована. Вчера ей не предложили работу.
  15. Even now very little is known about this book. (Present Simple Passive) Даже сейчас об этой книге известно очень мало.
  16. How much will you be paid for your work next month? (Future Simple Passive) Сколько вам будут платить за вашу работу в следующем месяце?
  17. Will this book be released next year? (Future Simple Passive) Выйдет ли эта книга в следующем году?
  18. It is said in the leaflet that allergic reaction to this medicine is possible. (Present Simple Passive) В информационном листке сказано, что возможна аллергическая реакция на это лекарство.
  19. They were late again. They were supposed to come at 5 o’clock. (Past Simple Passive) Они опять опоздали. Они должны были прийти в 5 часов.
  20. The birthday party is intended to be a secret, but everyone knows about it. (Present Simple Passive) Вечеринка по случаю дня рождения должна быть секретной, но о ней знают все.
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Упражнение 3

  1. He was accused of stealing their jewellery. Его обвинили в краже драгоценностей.
  2. She was given a nice present for birthday by her colleagues. Коллеги преподнесли ей на день рождения красивый подарок.
  3. All his money was put into his bank account. Все его деньги были переведены на его банковский счет.
  4. I was asked some difficult questions at the job interview. На собеседовании мне задали несколько сложных вопросов.
  5. Titanic was directed by James Cameron. «Титаник» был снят Джеймсом Кэмероном.
  6. He was not given the information he needed. Ему не предоставили нужную информацию.
  7. I was not told about the plans for the next month. О планах на ближайший месяц мне не рассказали.
  8. I was not offered any drinks. Мне не предлагали никаких напитков.
  9. Rob is paid a lot of money for this job. Робу платят большие деньги за эту работу.
  10. I was shown a photo of her family. Мне показали фотографию ее семьи.
  11. He was promoted by his boss to a higher position last month. В прошлом месяце начальник перевел его на более высокую должность.
  12. Our office is decorated for Christmas every year. Наш офис каждый год украшают к Рождеству.
  13. I have been bitten by our neighbour’s dog. Меня укусила соседская собака.
  14. The car looks nice. It has been just washed. Автомобиль выглядит красиво. Его только что вымыли.
  15. A stranger is walking behind us. I think we are being followed. Позади нас идет незнакомец. Думаю, за нами следят.
  16. The dinner was being cooked by my mother when I came home. Когда я пришла домой, ужин готовила моя мама.
  17. The phone is being used right now. Телефон в данный момент используется.
  18. His song was being recorded when I called him. Его песня записывалась, когда я позвонил ему.
  19. When we got to the airport, we found that all the flights to New-York had been cancelled. Когда мы приехали в аэропорт, мы обнаружили, что все рейсы в Нью-Йорк отменены.
  20. I was told to go with them to the stadium. Мне сказали пойти с ними на стадион.

Упражнение 4

  1. Egyptian people built the Egyptian pyramids thousands of years ago. Египтяне построили египетские пирамиды тысячи лет назад.
  2. They will answer for your letter within 5 days. Они ответят на ваше письмо в течение 5 дней.
  3. People have produced chocolate for over 4,000 years. Люди производят шоколад более 4000 лет.
  4. They are repairing my car this week, so I’m going to work by bus. На этой неделе мне ремонтируют машину, поэтому я поеду на работу на автобусе.
  5. We don’t recycle enough of all the rubbish on our planet. Мы перерабатываем недостаточно мусора на нашей планете.
  6. They were still building the underground connection in this part of the city when I moved into the house. Когда я перебрался в дом, в этой части города еще строили метро.
  7. We produce all our vases from original 1980s designs. Все наши вазы производятся по оригинальному дизайну 80-х годов.
  8. They have made mistakes, but they’re working on a solution now. Они сделали ошибки, но сейчас работают над ее решением.
  9. Someone had found my wallet. Кто-то нашел мой бумажник.
  10. They were fixing my computer last week, so I didn’t get your email until today. На прошлой неделе они чинили мой компьютер, поэтому я не получил твое письмо до сегодняшнего дня.
  11. They waste a lot of time on pointless meetings in the company where Philip works. Они тратят много времени на бессмысленные собрания в компании, где работает Филипп.
  12. They will review his application by the end of the week. Они рассмотрят его заявку до конца недели.
  13. They caught the suspect near the Italian border. Они поймали подозреваемого человека недалеко от итальянской границы.
  14. They report the minister is to resign. Сообщают, что министр уходит в отставку.
  15. They claim the criminal is living abroad. Они утверждают, что преступник живет за границей.
  16. They report she works in a hospital in London. Они сообщают, что она работает в больнице в Лондоне.
  17. They thought he did not take the prize. Они думали, что он не взял приз.
  18. All the experts thought our product was the best. Все эксперты считали наш продукт лучшим.
  19. They reduced average house prices by 20% last year. В прошлом году они снизили средние цены на жилье на 20%.
  20. They believe the largest sea coral is near Norway. Они считают, что самые большие морские кораллы находятся недалеко от Норвегии.

Упражнение 5

  1. He is/was reported to be working on a new book. Сообщается/сообщали, что он работает над новой книгой.
  2. Yesterday it was agreed to hold new negotiations next month. Вчера было решено провести новые переговоры в следующем месяце.
  3. It is expected to employ 200 people in the factory. Предполагается, что на заводе будет работать 200 человек.
  4. The work was not completed in the afternoon. Днем работа не была завершена.
  5. John has just been told off by his teacher for making so much noise. Учитель только что отругал Джона за то, что он так много шумит.
  6. He will be declared Prime Minister next month. В следующем месяце он будет объявлен премьер-министром.
  7. The procedure was explained to him an hour ago. Процедура была объяснена ему час назад.
  8. The survivors were taken out of the water by a cruise liner. Выживших людей вытащил из воды круизный лайнер.
  9. A note was handed to me a minute ago. Минуту назад мне вручили записку.
  10. A chocolate cake has just been prepared. Только что приготовили шоколадный торт.
  11. A refund was not offered to the customers. Клиентам не предлагалось денежное возмещение.
  12. I was not allowed to study the piano at school. Мне не разрешили учиться игре на фортепиано в школе.
  13. The document has been already signed. Документ уже подписан.
  14. The old building was demolished last month. Старое здание снесли в прошлом месяце.
  15. The bike was completely destroyed by the car. Байк был полностью разрушен машиной.

Упражнение 6

  1. We were recommended a good restaurant for lunch. Нам порекомендовали хороший ресторан на обед.
  2. The incident was reported to the police last night. Об инциденте было сообщено в полицию вчера вечером.
  3. The new members of the staff will be given all the help they need. Новым сотрудникам будет оказана вся необходимая помощь.
  4. She is always made to apologise to her little brother after an argument. После ссоры ее всегда заставляют извиняться перед младшим братом.
  5. She has just been knocked down by the motorbike. Ее только что сбил мотоцикл.
  6. She was stung by a bee while she was sitting in the garden. Когда она сидела в саду, ее ужалила пчела.
  7. I am asked the question about my salary a lot. Мне очень часто задают вопросы о моей зарплате.
  8. New technology will be developed soon. Скоро будут разработаны новые технологии.
  9. My apps on the phone will have been updated a lot by 2025. Мои приложения на телефоне будут сильно обновлены к 2025 году.
  10. Paper was invented in China thousands years ago. Бумага была изобретена в Китае тысячи лет назад.

Упражнения на страдательный залог в английском языке с ответами

Здравствуйте, друзья!

На этой страничке вы можете выполнить упражнения на страдательный залог в английском языке. Как всегда, с ответами в конце.

Первое задание попроще и подойдет для учеников 7-8 классов. Второе и третье требуют уже лучших навыков в использования Passive Voice— поэтому будут полезны для детей 9-х классов и всем, кто готовится к любым типам экзаменов на английском. Кстати, кроме упражнений вы можете пройтионлайн-тест по данной теме.

Упражнение 1.Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную форму

  1. This book (write) many years ago.
  2. His car (break) so he had to take a taxi.
  3. This castle (build) in the 16th century.
  4. I’ve missed the news block! When it (repeat)?
  5. This dress is brand new, it never (wear).
  6. I am reading a book while my car (repair).
  7. At what time the dinner usually (serve) here?
  8. To my great surprise the problem (solve) yet.

Упражнение 2.Составьте предложения, расставив слова в нужном порядке

  1. the not to  letter the has been report According delivered still.
  2. A accessories with room is various decorated.
  3. in was He 1984 born.
  4. already have said Many about been love words.
  5. light and was sunshine due The to house large with windows filled.
  6. his after Mark named grandfather was.
  7. grown tomatoes in These the countryside are.
  8. on held the each This last is summer fest weekend year.

Упражнение 3.Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя страдательный залог

  1. Когда была куплена эта книга?
  2. Они были расстроены, потому что проиграли.
  3. Эта песня была прослушана 10 раз на данный момент.
  4. Обычно, когда мой отец приходит домой, ужин уже готов.
  5. Нужно чистить зубы минимум 2 раза в день.
  6. Когда я пришла в магазин, туфли еще не были проданы.
  7. Москва была основана в 1147 году.
  8. Ее мечты были разрушены из-за его ответа.

Упражнения на Past Simple

Упражнения на Past Continuous

Упражнения на Present Perfect Continuous


Упражнение 1.

  1. was written
  2. was broken
  3. was built
  4. will it be repeated
  5. has never been worn
  6. is being repaired
  7. is the dinner usually served
  8. has not been solved

Упражнение 2.

  1. According to the report the letter has not been still delivered.
  2. A room is decorated with various accessories.
  3. He was born in 1984.
  4. Many words have been already said about love.
  5. The house was filled with light and sunshine due to large windows.
  6. Mark was named after his grandfather.
  7. These tomatoes are grown in the countryside.
  8. This fest is held each year on the last summer weekend.

Упражнение 3.

  1. When was this book bought?
  2. They were upset because they had been defeated.
  3. This song has been listened to 10 times by this moment.
  4. Usually the dinner is cooked when my father comes home.
  5. Teeth should be cleaned at least 2 times a day.
  6. When I came to the shop, shoes had not been sold yet.
  7. Moscow was founded in 1147.
  8. Her dreams were shattered by his answer.


Passive Voice – это довольно лёгкая, но несмотря на это важная тема для начинающих, материал которой в английской грамматике следует изучать одним из первых наравне с временами активного (действительного) залога. Возможно, учить ещё девять временных конструкций может показаться очень скучным и сложным. Но на самом деле это не так.

А учить пассивные времена (Passive Voice) становится просто, если выявить некоторую закономерность в их использовании.

Выполняйте данные в этой статье упражнения на пассивный залог онлайн и расширяйте свои знания в английском грамматике с интересом.

Удачи в изучении английского языка!

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