Раскройте скобки, употребив нужное по смыслу время. Переведите эти предложения. It (to be) — Школьные

№1.откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной вре­менной форме.1. if you (not to — школьные

1. If you (not to turn)_______________off that noisy music, I (to do) __________ it myself. You (to play)____________________ it since morning. Why you (not to listen) _________________while

I (to speak) _______________to you?

2. — Tell me, Mr. Smith, you (to fix)_______________the computer when the slid (to fall) _______down?

— Yes. I (to do) _______________the same thing ever since I (to start)_________working here.

3. Last night Tim (to take)____________to see «My Fair Lady» at «The Paradise». After the performance he (to tell)_______ his friends he never (to see)____________a better musical.

Вставьте правильный предлог или послелог, где необ­ходимо.

1. Agatha was brought … in the country … her aunt.

2. They arrived … New York … 13th of June and are leaving … Japan next week.

3. I filled … the wrong form … mistake.

Помогите пожалуйста с английским — школьные

The bride looked AWFUL. Everybody thought that but no one dared to say that aloud.

После look нужно использовать прилагательное.

Помогите с текстом all tenses active&passive voice mr and mrs johnson-smith live in a — школьные

Insert the Past Indefinite, Past Continuous, Past Periect or Past Perfect Continuous,
1. Then she found that the tears _ a _ quietly __ from her eyes.

Perhaps they __ for a long time, (to flow, to flow) (Murdoch)
2. One day of the new year she __ as usual at her window when Edward came prancing up the drive on horseback, (to sit).(Maugham)
3. He and I __ friends since our early twenties. At this time he was fifty-two, and already an elder statesman of science. (to be) (Snow)
4. I __ out Honor’s letter and __ it, and __ to the post. The fog __ When I __ I __ some biscuits and _ myself with whisky and hot milk, (to copy, to seal, to go, to clear, to return, to eat, to dose) (Murdoch)
5. He told me that an American Signore __ there for three months, (to stay) (Maugham)
6. She [Aileen] stole downstairs and out into the vestibule, open- ing the outer door and looking out into the street. The lamps __ already __ in the dark, and a cool wind __ (to flare, to blow| (Dreiser)
7. It was true that we __ one another almost intimatelj! for five and twenty years, (to know) (Maugham)
8. I __ hardly __ more than the first three chapters when my attention was divertet by a conversation going on in the front of the store, (to read (Leacock)
9. She __ mortally with my husband only ten minute! ago. (to quarrel) (Shaw)
10. He __ scarcely __ outside the dooj when he heard Wardle’s voice talking loudly, (to get) (Dickens)
11. The next day he __ some honeysuckle against the porch, when he heard the Miller’s voice calling to him from the road, (to nai| up) (Wilde)
12. Roddy __ rapidly and nervously up and downthj room for a minute or two. (to walk) (Christie)
13. I knew righi away that there was the place I __. all my life, (to look for (Maugham)
14. Half-past eleven. He [the Gadfly] __ still __ though the hand was stiff and swollen, (to file) (Voynich)
15. Afew seconds after the stranger __ to lead Mrs. Budger to her cairiage, he darted swiftly from the room, (to disappear) (Dickert)
16. At nine o’clock that evening a long black Packard roadster drew up to her door, and Arnie stepped out of the front seat where he __ with the driver and a girl between them, (to sit) (Wilson)
17. I do not stop to say what adventures he began to imagine, or what career to devise for himself before he __ three miles from home, (to ride) (Thackeray)
18. Mrs. Banty put down the telephone receiver. She __ up twice and each time the answer __ the same: Mrs. Marple was out. (to ring, to be) (Christie)
19. The sun __ a long way up and it __ to get really hot. (to move, to begin) (Abrahams)
20. He was in the extremity of indecision and very wounded by Rosa’s refusal to help him. She __ even __ him for the last few days, (to avoid) (Murdoch)

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Раскройте скобки, употребив нужное по смыслу время (simple past, present perfect): 1. the — школьные

СРОЧНО!!!! Nursing is a career path for those who (33) compassionate, curing, and whe nily desire to improve (34) of the patient in their care. Curren

tly, there are nearly registered nurses working in the United States, (36) nurses the largest group of health care professionals. Although nursing (37) dominated field, in today’s world, more and more men (38) to become nurses. Nurse usually work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, private home care, and general care (39) They may specialize in a number of areas, namely mental health, pediatrics, geriatric nursing, long-term care cardiology, oncology, and many more. The requirements to become a nurse differ from country to country. However, most countries requir anyone who (40) to study nursing to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalen nursing in the United States, one must first obtain one of three different entry level degrees. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), (42) in colleges and universities will prepare a general education for nurses to train them to practise in any setting. ​

Раскройте скобки, употребив нужное по смыслу время. предложения переведите. an american lady — школьные

An American lady travelling in England got into a compartment in a smoking carriage where an Englishman was smoking a pipe. For a short time
she …was sitting quietly…(это предложение есть в исходном тексте, в задании оно пропущено)  expecting that the Englishman would stop smoking. But when the train was under way for half an hour, she began to cough and sneeze trying to
show him that she objected to the
smoke. At last, seeing that all her efforts  to attract his attention 
had failed she addressed  him impatiently, “
If you were a gentleman you would stop smoking when a lady got into the carriage.” – “If you were a lady,” replied the Englishman, — “you would
not get
into a smoking carriage.” – “ If you were my husband,” said
the American lady angrily,- “I would
you poison.” The Englishman looked
at her for a moment or two. “Well,” he said
at last, — “if I were your husband I
would take it.”

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Американская леди, путешествуя по Англии вошла в купе в вагоне для курящих, где англичанин курил трубку. Некоторое время она сидела тихо, ожидая, что англичанин прекратит курить. Но, когда поезд находился в пути уже пол часа, она начала кашлять и чихать, пытаясь таким образом показать ему, что она возражает против дыма. Наконец, видя, что все её попытки привлечь внимание провалились, она обратилась к нему нетерпеливо:-Если бы Вы были джентльменом,Вы бы прекратили курить, когда леди вошла в купе. -Если бы Вы были леди-ответил англичанин-Вы бы не зашли в купе для курящих. -Если бы Вы были моим мужем-сказала американская леди со злостью-Я бы дала Вам яд. Англичанин посмотрел на неё минуту или две.-Ну, -сказал он наконец-Если бы я был Вашим мужем. Я бы его принял.

Раскройте скобки, употребив нужное по смыслу время.one day a very old man (to come) to see a — школьные

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