Замените действительный залог страдательным. 1.The French government gave the Statue of — Школьные

Замените в следующих предложениях действительный залог страдательным обращая внимание на — Школьные

1) The students are taking examinations in the next room. (A)
2) The students had translated the text before the bell rang. (B)

2)Где здесь придаточные предложения?Определите их типы.

He said, «I don’t feel well today».
He asked me, «What time is it?»
I didn’t know, «Does he know history well?»
I said to him, «Don’t tell anybody about it».

Измените формы сказуемого в действительном залоге на страдательный. 1. mary damaged my…

Измените формы сказуемого в действительном залоге на страдательный. 1. Mary damaged my car last night. 2. Millions of people are watching this TV programme. 3. The Chinese invented paper. 4. A pickpocket has just robbed my sisters. 5. A postman collects the mail twice a day.

Помогите, пожалуйста!!!!!  в следующих предложениях замените действительный залог — школьные

Our plant is often visited by foreign guests.

The teacher was not asked  any questions by the students .

The delegation  will not be met by my friends   tomorrow.

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 Whom was  this book translated into Russian?

The article   will  be published  by them in the newspaper.

This star can*t be seen by you  from here

Срочно помогите решить!!!!i. измените действительный залог наi. измените действительный залог — школьные

I. Измените действительный залог наI. Измените действительный залог на страдательный.

1. I prepare the dinner. 2. She brought me these text-books. 3. They buy newspapers. 4. He gives French lessons. 5. People will remember this event. 6. The children will take the copy-books. 7. She writes short stories. 8. He organised the party. 9. They told us interesting stories. 10. We will discuss this novel. 11. We understood him. 12. Mary will invite us.

II. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в действительном или страдательном залоге.

1. Water (to cover) most of the Earth’s surface. 2. Most of the Earth’s surface (to cover) by water. 3. The park gates (to lock) at 6.30 p.m. every evening. 4. The letter (to post) a week ago and it (to arrive) yesterday. 5. The boat (to sink) quickly but fortunately everybody (to rescue). 6. Ron’s parents (to die) when he was very young. He and his sister (to bring) up by their grandparents. 7. I was born in London but I (to grow) up in the north of England. 8. While I was on holiday, my camera (to steal) from my hotel room. 9. While I was on holiday, my camera (to disappear) from my hotel room. 10. Why Sue (to resign) from her job? Didn’t she enjoy it? 11. The company is not independent. It (to own) by a much larger company. 12. I saw an accident last night. Somebody (to call) an ambulance but nobody (to injure) so the ambulance (not to need). 13. Where these photos (to take)? 14. When the plane (to take) off, the passengers (to show) how to use life jackets. 15. If you (to offer) a cheap camera, don’t buy it, it (not to work). 16. British coins (to make) at the Royal Mint.

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Упражнение 3. замените действительный залог — школьные

Ex. 5. замените действительный залог страдательным. many people attended this lecture. he — школьные

This lecture was attended by many people.

The ticket will be left on the table.

English is spoken in many countries.

President Abraham Lincoln was killed by an actor.

Bananas are grown in Africa.

water is purified in different ways.

Information is processed by computers.

The student was given much work by the teacher.

Photography was invented in the 1840s.

The Statue of Liberty was given to the American people by the French government.

The doctor has been sent for.

Films are shown at the cinema.

A lecture will be delivered tomorrow.

Penicilling was discovered by Fleming in 1928.

Paper was invented by the Chinese.

Замените действительный залог страдательным. а) 1. many people attend the lecture. 2. someone — школьные

Переведите на английский
на семь недель, за неделю, через час, за последние три месяца, во время войны, в ходе работы, до работы, после работы, с дву

х часов, до четырех часов, к трем часам, с 1980-го года, в 1945 году , в августе, в четыре часа, в понедельник, первого мая, утром, в полдень, ночью, в десять минут восьмого, в без десяти семь

Замените действительный залог страдательным. а) 1. many people attend the lecture. 2. someone has eaten the cake. 3. he will lea

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