Put the verb in brackets into the correct form of the past simple passive. (поставь глагол в скобках в нужную форму простого прошедшего времени в пассивном залоге.) 1. i  in london in 2003. (to bear)2. how many cars ? (to damage)3. all apples . (to eat)4. this wallet  in the street. (to find)​ — Знания.site

(поставь глагол в скобках в нужную форму простого прошедшего времени в пассивном залоге.) 1. — школьные

1. Я играю с друзьями в парке в солнечную погоду, 2. В чем твой брат одет? — На нем толстовка и джинсы, 3. Мы обычно ездим в школу на автобусе, 4. Они

навещают бабушку дважды в месяц, 5. Мы едим в магазин? 6. Что на ней одето? — На ней красное платье, 7. Мы ходим по магазинам каждое воскресенье, 8. Наши родители носят элегантную одежду. 9. Моя сестра расчесывает шерсть своей собаки каждые Выходные, 10. Мы играем в теннис по пятницам, 11. Каждое утро у меня урок английского языка, 12. Мои друзья играют сейчас в саду, 13. Во что они сегодня одеты? 14, Яс сестрой хожу в кино два раза в месяц, 15. Что ты сейчас читаешь? — Я читаю очень интересную книгу, Переведи эти слова пожалуйста. ​

(поставь глагол в скобках в нужную форму простого прошедшего времени в пассивном…

(Поставь глагол в скобках в нужную форму простого прошедшего времени в пассивном залоге.)

1. I (…) in London in 2003. (to bear)
2. How many cars (…) ? (to damage)
3. How much water (…) ? (to pollute)
4. This wallet (…) in the street. (to find)
(Поставь глагол в скобках в нужную форму простого настоящего времени в пассивном залоге.)
1. The office (…) every day. (to clean)
2. Old shoes (…) here. (to repair)
3. I (…) by our family photographer every year. (to photograph)
(Поставь глагол в скобках в нужную форму.)
1. The berries (…) by children yesterday. (to pick)
2. My car (…) every year. (to service)
3. I (…) to the camp next summer. (to send)
4. Can the tap (…) right now? (to fix)
Помогите пожалуйста!!!

Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в Past Simple Passive. 1) The letter (to deliver). 2) — Школьные

1) The letter (to deliver).

2) The bags (not to take) to the post office.

3) The postbox (to empty) yesterday.

4) The stamp (not to postmark) by them.

5) The pie (to bake) by my mother.

6) The dresses (not to make) in time.

7) The picture (to print) by students.

4. Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу глаголами с частицей TO или без нее.


1) The customs officer made Sally ___________ her case.

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2) Do you want me ___________ with you?

3) We expected Tom ______ late.

4) Her parents wouldn’t let her ________ that skirt.

5) Who taught you ______ a horse?

6) He asked me ________ the phone.

7) They told me not _______ that button.

Put the verb in brackets into the correct form of the past simple passive. (поставь глагол в — школьные

Перевести текст
Text 2 great sphinx
From the 15th century AD European travellers carried home tales of the mysterious and amazing remains of the civi

lization of Egypt. One of its most remarkable monuments, which still evokes this sense of awe and might, is the Great Sphinx of Gizeh, the oldest surviving sphinx, dating from c2550 BC, carved from a rock with the crouching body of a lion and a human face
(74,4 m. long, 20,1 m. high, and 4,2 m. broad, at its widest point; the head is 8,7 m. high from chin to crown).
The human head was the means of individualizing the sculpture, so that the Great Sphinx probably bears the idealized features of Khephren whose
pyramid is nearby.
The concept of the king as a powerful lion goes back into prehistoric times, and several ceremonial objects have survived which depict him in this guise, overthrowing his enemies. The sphinx was, therefore, a natural de­velopment, personifying the divine power of the king as a force protecting his land and repelling the power of evil.
The Great Sphinx is one of the most distinctive and dominant of all the images of ancient Egypt, which is perhaps the source of the misconception that sphinxes are of central importance in Egyptian culture. However, those that have survived are among the most impressive as well as intriguing ex­amples of Egyptian sculpture.
As one of the world`s oldest cities Athens boasts a wealth of splendid relics of Hellenic art, some of which are than 3,000 years old. The Acropolis, the Greek for upper town, the gem of world architecture, stands on a low rocky hill and contains the ruins of several ancient Greek architectural monuments.
The Parthenon, a stately building with an eight-column facade, was built by Ictinus and Callicrates in 447 — 38 BC. The temple was designed to serve as an exquisite, imposing architectural frame for stupendous gold and ivory statue of Athena, the goddess in the Greek pantheon watching over the city. This no longer extant statue, which stood in the anterior of the shrine, was held in deep reverence.
Next to the Parthenon is another shrine, an Ionic temple of Athena, the Erechtheum, built by an anonymous architect in 421 — 06 BC. Its refined loveliness and proportions are a very bit as enchanting as the monumental grandeur of the Parthenon. It has the unparalleled portrayal of a contemporary event on the frieze of the building: the procession of citizens in the yearly festival in honour of Athena. Built on an awkward site, it also had to serve different cults, which meant that its architect had to design a building with three porches and three different floor levels. Its Caryatid porch, with figures of women for columns, makes use of an old Oriental motif that had appeared earlier, in Archaic treasuries at Delphi. The monumental gateway to the Acropolis, the Propylaea was designed by Mnesicles, who had to adapt the rigid conventions of colonnade construction to a steeply rising site. In the precision and finish of their execution, which complements the brilliant innovation of their design, these three buildings had no rival in the Greek world.

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Всем привет. Нужно сделать третье задание. Первые два задания я сделал, но если не трудно, то напишите как правильно, сравню, ибо во «временах» не осо

бо сильно разбираюсь.Задание 1.Раскройте скобки, переведите предложения на русский язык.1) She /be/ in England for six months. a)has beenb)had beenc)will have beend)will be2) When they came home, Liza already / to cook/ dinner.a)has cookedb)had cookedc)was cookingd)will have cookede)will be cooking3) The children /clean/ the classroom from 4 till 5 yesterday.a)have cleanedb)had cleanedc)were cleaningd)will be cleaninge)will have cleaned4) I’m afraid the books you ordered / not to arrive/ by Friday.a)haven’t arrivedb)won’t have arrivedc)hadn’t arrivedd)won’t be arrivinge)weren’t arriving5) He /read/ this book by the end of this week.a)have readb)will have readc)had readd)will be readinge)was readingЗадание 2.Вставьте глаголы в нужной форме времени в пропущенные места, переведите предложения на русский язык:Глаголы: know, rain, come,watch, do1. By this time tomorrow we…home.2.She …TV at 4 o’clock tomorrow.3.It…all day long yesterday.4. I…him for three months.5. By 5 o’clock yesterday they…. their homework.Задание 3.Переведите Past Progressive в Future Progressive, Present Perfect BPast Perfect, Future Progressive B Future Perfect и переведите предложения на русский язык:1) I was going to bed at 9 o’clock yesterday (at 9 o’clock tomorrow).2)She has just gone out(by that time yesterday).3) He will be playing computer games the whole evening tomorrow (by 3o’clock tomorrow).

Ответьте на вопросы, пожалуйста!100 баллов за ответ!Relations between PeopleMost people believe that their relationships are not like others. They don

‘t haveproblems. These kinds of people also think that their partner won’t cheat on them ordo anything wrong. But the truth is thalmost all relationships won’t last forever.A few reasons that relationships fall apart are when one partner cheats, they loseinterest in each other, lack of communication causes problems, if you try to changesomeone and it backfires, and if you hide something you should have told the otherperson and then they find out about it later. In relationships you can tell when you’relosing interest in each other. Some signs are that you don’t talk much with eachother, you don’t spend time together anymore instead he spends with your fric. idsaway from home.Some signs to tell if the other person in the relationships is cheating anotherstarts to come home from work later than they usually do, they start to smell likeperfume that neither of you have, when you confront them about cheating and theyget all nervous and deny it, when you ask them why they ve been coming home latefrom work and they makeup stupid excuses.Sometimes they say they are going somewhere but when you phone to see ifthey are there they aren’t. If you’re in relationship and the person does any of thesethings, your relationship could be falling apart. In this kind of abusive relationship,you should know it is time to leave.Answer the questions on the text.1.Do all relationships last forever?2. Why do people lose interest in each other?3. What are the consequences of cheating?4. How can you understand that a person cheats you?5. What is an abusive relationship?

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Даю 13 баллов put the verb in brackets into the correct form of the past simple passive. — школьные


1. I was born in London in 2003.

2. My sister was bitten by a dog last month.

3. The food was cooked last night.

4. The door was opened by a man.


Past Simple Passive Voice составляется при помощи вспомогательного глагола be, стоящем в форме прошедшего времени (was — для единственного числа, were — для множественного числа и you), и глагола третьей формы (если глагол правильный — добавляем окончание -ed, если неправильный — смотрим форму по таблице).

Пожалуйста, помогите!! 1. i have made this chair myself. active voice passive voice 2. i — школьные


l. Passive/Active  

1) Active  

2) Active  

3) Passive  

4) Passive  

2. Choose the correct preposition

1). by  

2). by  

3). of

3. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form of the Present Simple Passive

1. is spoken  

2. are carried  

3. are delivered  

4. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form of the Past Simple Passive.

1. was born  

2. were damaged  

3. was polluted  

4. was written  

5. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form of the Future Simple Passive.

1. will be repaired  

2. will be seen  

3. will be photographed  

4. will be printed

Помогите срочно! put the verb in brackets into the correct form of the past simple passive. — школьные

Вот небольшой текст. Переведи на английский. ( Это по past cont. но не везде(flirt)будь внимательна)
В 7 часов матч начался по телевизору, так что пап

а все еще смотрел его в 7.30. Мама сидела на кухне. Она читала женский журнал. Рози примеряла одежду своей мамы в своей комнате. Двоюродные братья Ника слушали рок-музыку. Было очень громко, поэтому они не слышали грохот. В 7.30 собаки лежали у костра и спали. Ник пошел в сад со своим другом поиграть в футбол. Итак, в 7.30 он все еще был там.
(Это предложения на past perf.)
Переведите предложения.
1. Я покушала прежде, чем они вернулись домой.
2. Когда приехала мама, мы уже подготовили подарки.
3. Мария сказала, что уже купила все подарки.
4. Когда я пришла домой, то узнала, что кто-то оставил мне письмо.
5. Когда я пошел на прогулку, дождь уже прекратился.
Помогите пожалуйста.

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